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Re: interactions between objects
Posted in How to... by Martin on 06-19-2011
I don't understand that question - be more precise please!
Re: Drawing and mouse
Posted in How to... by Martin on 09-03-2010
Hi,The gaps appear when the distance the finger or mouse has moved between consecutive frames is larger than your circles. The damping can help a bit but changes the behavior/feeling of the drawing. The best solution I've found is to draw lines with round caps between two consecutively detected points. You'd get a perfectly closed ...
3d-path node available
Posted in Feature Requests by Martin on 07-01-2010
Hi,I'd like to announce the availability of our newly developed 3d-spline-path animation node. It uses C# and let's you attach any object to a spline path, that can easily be defined by 3d-waypoints. It allows you to animate an object along that path with one parameter (e.g. 0...100% progress). It ...
Re: Matching animations question
Posted in How to... by Martin on 07-01-2010
Heyho,you could use the same text-effects animation mechanism if you integrated the heart in a font. Extrude and add bevel to the characters and it should give you nearly the same look. Feel free to write a PM if you need help with that.Martin
Re: How to get a preview of next upcoming Graphic via CLI?
Posted in How to... by Martin on 04-11-2010
Well then here is something you should try with one of the competitor's installations: Render a live and moving preview of multiple scenes with all the datafeeds processed simultaneously to one monitor or SDI-output and overlay them with some additional on-screen info. Or even try a multi-monitor spanning setup with one machine. Comparing is not ...
Re: Particle Effects in Ventuz
Posted in How to... by Martin on 03-02-2010
I am currently preparing some snapshots and demo setups showing its capabilities, so expect email later tomorrow. For the next update I plan to add a feature that will allow particles to change their shape over time. Right now you can already chose between different geometry types and textures. The behaviour of the particles during ...
Re: Animating a bar graph
Posted in How to... by Martin on 02-19-2009
Hi Eddie,this is a good example for the use of expressions. I have a scene that shows up to 8 bars using 3 expressions, always looking for the highest value and calculating the rest. You can also adjust the duration of the animations accordingly.Regards,Martin
Re: R5.13 - reason to upgrade for 2008?
Posted in General Discussion by Martin on 12-10-2008
Hi Clad,I made a customizable and fully parametrical particlesystem for ventuz pro. So I might be able to help you where this is needed. You can see an early sample at if you like.Regards,Martin
Re: Early X-Mas Present
Posted in Demo and User Scenes by Martin on 12-02-2008
Thank you, Karol! Very much appreciated.
Re: Text bevel and more on 2008
Posted in General Discussion by Martin on 09-24-2008
Hi,unfortunately it does not seem to be possible to accurately map textures on the sides (hull) of extruded characters. So shining text extrusions using alpha gradients in z-direction are not working yet.
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